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Why Buy Your Furniture From Furniture City; Montclair

We all have been in a place where we got tired of seeing the same old furniture staring back at us decade after decade. Though, renovating it from scratch seems like a lot of work and a lot of money in a town like Montclair where people hold traditions close to their hearts! Who even has that kind of time and cash? So, what do you do? Let it stay miserable? We think not! It is time, you shall invest some of your time and energy into not only uplifting the look of your room but also uplifting your moods every time you enter the house after a hectic day of work or chores. 

Let us start room by room so it gets less overwhelming and you can decide which room needs a makeover the most.

Living Room / T.V Lounge 

It is the room where the majority of us spend most of our time sitting either with friends or family. Therefore, this is the room that should resonate with your energy and reflect peace and calmness away from the buzzing town with some amazing living room furniture sets.

Hence, a comfortable sofa on which you could relax, lie down, watch a movie, and have the time of your life, should be plush, soft, and scream peace. That is where our sofa furniture sets come into play. Our sofas give you a high-end luxurious look and comfort at a mind-blowingly affordable price. Each set has its own distinct, modern look with the traditional feeling of linen woven material accompanied by designer throw pillows. Spend some cozy nights binging on Netflix on these sofas giving you the ultimate comfort. 

Complementing the look of comfort and luxury by pairing the sofa with a Yarlow Coffee Table which is rectangular offering contemporary style with a kick of blackened wood finish. The base which is metal boosts its height to make the room look spacious as well as light. This would be extra beneficial for a room with not a lot of space to work with. Completing the room with a wall art called Tayah Wall Art which is a perfect balance of modern and chic keeping the traditional elements of Montclair. 


A room that recharges us at night, supports us in times of sorrow, shows us the dreams to look forward to, and reminds us that we are home when waking up from a nightmare, a room that has such great responsibilities cannot fall short, neither on comfort nor on style. It is even okay to go over your budget a little bit just to achieve that perfect coziness that one needs. 

That is exactly what Hyndell 5-Piece Bedroom Set offers. The set includes a dresser, mirror, and a bed with headboard, footboard, and rails. A bedroom set rich in style and sophistication. A dark coffee-like finish with vivid nickel tone hardware presents the drama we all can use in our bedrooms. The sleek finish complements the modern look with eight easily accessible drawers. The texture of the wood finish is sure to make you fall in love with it upon the first touch itself. You can get it from our bedroom furniture store at an amazing price. 

Mariano Rug in beige color is the perfect element needed to brighten the room up beside the dark and heavy bedroom set. A solid yet soft pallet cleanser complements the look of modern luxury with a side of casual. For days a rug gets too much to handle, the rug can be easily folded and kept in a store. 

While no room is complete without wall art, Monterey Wall Art (Set of 2) and Judson Wall Art (Set of 2) are the two most affordable options which can be chosen to fill the empty walls of the room, offering a complete look that conveys style and comfort.  

Home Office 

Since the unfortunate pandemic hit and changed everyone’s world completely, it has become essential to have a room dedicated to our work for every time work from home is called upon. The hybrid work environment has also grown exponentially since it is better for the worker’s health as well as the earth’s health. 

From Furniture City, you can get a Hamlyn 4-Piece Home Office Set, which provides all the essentials that could be needed. The set includes a desk chair, a desk, a file cabinet, and a bookcase. It is an elegant blend of traditional style and European kick giving the user the aura of special feelings. While working long hours a chair with the optimum level of comfort is essential, and that is just what the set provides. A tilt swivel with adjustable height functionality which can be adjusted to your needs. A perfect combination of things that are practical and provide optimum functionality. 

Every once in a while, the workload becomes extremely hectic and one just needs a break to refresh their brain cells to give a boost of motivation and creativity. Hence the inclusion of the Wescott Medium Rug. The plush and soft rug gives you the opportunity for the much-needed stretch, without leaving the room and breaking off the work tempo. Colorful rugs are not always in style however, a timeless style of luxury and intricate high-low abstract pattern offer neutral tints of cream, gray, beige, and black mixing together. High durability makes it a perfect fit for a home office requiring less clean-up time. 


After spending all your time in the house, cozy up on the couch in front of the TV, it is time to party outside with family and friends enjoying the pleasant summer of Montclair outside with a piece of durable and sturdy furniture that can take any kind of harsh weather conditions. 

Visola 6-Piece Outdoor Sofa and Loveseat Set offers just that. An outdoor sofa and cushions accompanied with 3 outdoor seating, a cocktail table, and an end table. A perfect choice of grey color to be kept outside on your lawn, perfectly complementing the green of the plants. HDPE material that offers durability and weather resistance. High-performance fabrics that provide strain resistance and ease to clean.

No need to stay bored of the old furniture anymore, explore the options explained in detail or use this as a draft of the checklist and keep adding pieces that match your comfort and style. 

Final Thoughts

The answer to the question, “Why Buy Your Furniture From Furniture City; Montclair” is that we have everything that you will need to make your décor look appealing as well as provide top-notch comfort. All the products that we have suggested in this blog are available at our store. This makes us the best furniture store in California. Click here and see your nearest location.