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How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Bed? 

A bedroom is the most important room of the house, we tend to spend half of our lives there, whether sleeping, resting or just working even. This is where your body mind and spirit come to recover, your bed and mattress, are the most important elements of that room, hence the name. 

A Mattress especially is the key deterministic factor of comfort and rest. And buying the right mattress might take more consideration than you think. It isn’t always about the “bouncy bounce”, or the “fluffiness”, sometimes the buyer might have to ask more questions than one in order to get the right mattress for your bed. Some of those questions are: 

How Old is the Mattress I Currently Have? 

This might be a simple overlooked question, but it should be considered before you go out to buy yourself a new mattress. We know that mattresses can be expensive, so it is important to wait out their lifespan. As a simple rule of thumb, one should consider getting a new mattress once it's crossed 8 years. This might not be a standard for all mattress brands out there but it usually serves as a good measuring point for checking in on the current mattress’s lifespan. This will help you figure out whether it's still doing its job or not and give you that back-pain-free sleep you need. Some of the notable brands out there have their mattress life span measured out and it is as follows:  


Stated Lifespan


12 years 

Memory Foam

10 years 


10 years 


8 to 9 years 

Pillow Top

7 to 8 years 


While these stated figures by manufacturers might be helpful in determining the average lifespan of your mattress, but another way to tell whether your mattress is performing at optimal is by paying close attention to your body. You need to ask yourself whether you are waking up with new back pains never noticed before? Are you finding it hard to find that comfort spot when sleeping? Have you noticed any inevitable dips or curvatures lately on your mattress? And if the answer is affirmative to all these questions then it’s probably the time to get yourself a new mattress. 

What Sleeping Position Do You Prefer Sleeping in?

Sleeping styles vary from person to person. Some people prefer sleeping on their stomachs, some people like to sleep straight on their backs while some are sideway sleepers. Many might toss and turn in between these positions. These positions may tell us more that you think about the type of mattress we truly need. And if you are someone who already has figured out as to what position he or she applies then the journey is half completed for you. 

If you are a back sleeper, you may need to be extra considerate when choosing a mattress. It is a typical Goldilocks situation for this type of sleeper, because if the mattress is too firm then they may experience a new sort of tension in their backs, too soft their hips can sink out of alignment, and cause lower back problems due to the tail bone being there. Back Sleepers need something right in the middle. As per industry set standards of firmness scale, back sleepers need a 6.5 / 10 range of firmness scale, a medium well done steak if I may add. They need something that lifts and sets the spine in a neutral arrangement. It is also recommended that back sleepers consider sleeping on hybrid mattress which combines foam and coil layers.  

For those side sleepers out there, it is very important to keep pressure relief around the should and hips. In other words, they need a softer mattress than back sleepers do. A softer mattress serves the curvature of the spine when sleeping on the side. It helps prevent force on the joints and uncomfortable jamming. Its super essential that side sleepers choose a softer and gentler bed for themselves. Side Sleepers are advised Memory Foam Mattresses, which are well known for their deep body contouring ability, body drop and pressure relief. These pressure relief qualities due to softness of the mattress can drastically alleviate any should and hip pain that may occur on regular for side sleepers on a bad mattress or firm one, as in their case.

Stomach Sleepers are poles apart from Side Sleepers. For them, the mattress should be extra firm, so that it can lift the hips in line with the shoulders. A soft mattress can cause serious issues to their body, since a soft mattress can cause the hips to sink out of alignment with the shoulders, along with the rest of the spine. Then again it also isn’t advised that they need something as hard as stone, the main key to their comfort lies in finding that “right touch of cushioning” on the mattress with the super supportive foundation of a “firm mattress”. For stomach sleepers, it is advised they consider Innerspring Mattresses and Hybrid Mattresses

Lastly for those “Combo Sleepers” out there, who have various sleeping styles, a medium-firm mattress can be an excellent option. They can be soft enough to provide that “pressure relief” and firm enough to give that “hip support” you need, in order to be aligned with the shoulders. For them too it is advised they buy themselves a Hybrid Mattress to sleep on. 

Lastly choosing the right mattress for your bed all falls down to determining exactly what YOU need and require. What’s the level of firmness you need? What type of mattress shall best suit your need? What sort of sleepers we are? All these questions help you point in the right direction when buying a mattress. 

At Furniture City, we aim to make it further easier for you to determine the type of mattress you need. You can visit our store outlets all over California, from at Bakersfield to Fresno, Mission Viejo, and Modesto. You will be greeted by ever delighted sales reps to help you on through this experience, and further inform you about the type of mattress that might best fit your sleeping style and budget.