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Why You Should Finance Your Purchase

The Benefits of Financing

Here at Furniture City, we offer you the opportunity to finance your furniture purchase. That way, you can take your purchase home with you that day, but allows you to pay for your purchase a little bit over time rather that pay a large sum upfront. There are many benefits to financing your purchase, read below for all of the benefits!

A Furniture Purchase is a Large Sum

Furniture, regardless of where you are buying from, is a large purchase, and the costs can really add up! Instead of compromising on quality for something within your budget, you can make smaller payments over a longer period of time. This allows you a lot more flexibility and your options for a purchase has vastly increased.

Immediate Satisfaction

By purchasing your furniture with a financing option, you have the opportunity to take that piece of furniture home with you that very same day of purchase if you finance in store. Even if you are buying an entire set of furniture, you can finance the entire purchase so you can bring it all home with you.

Building Credit

Financing is a great way to improve or built your credit. Here at Furniture City, we offer no credit check financing, so no matter what your score is, you can apply for no interest financing. By paying off a financed purchase on time, your credit will build and improve over time. It’s a great and easy way to add credit history to your accounts as well!

Just remember to pay on time; missing or late payments can hurt your score!

financing - furniture stores - credit check

In conclusion, there are so many benefits to financing your purchase with us. We offer no credit check, interest free, and no down payment financing options to fit you and your lifestyle. Contact us for more information to get started!

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