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What is the best fabric for your sofa? -Furniture City

What is the best fabric for your sofa? 


After a long day at work, all’s you want to do when you get home is sit on the most comfortable, soothing and relaxing sofa in the world. How can we do that? By choosing the most amazing fabric that will feel like you are sitting on a cloud.


First off, we are going to start with cotton. As I am sure many of you heard, cotton is among the most cost-efficient options around (who doesn’t want to spend less). Cotton is also highly versatile when it comes to patterns and colors. Another plus, is that cotton is actually fading resistant, so you don't have to worry about your sofa being in direct sunlight.


Did you know that linen has a slightly looser weave than cotton? That means that the texture can range from smoothly and lustrous to chunky and nubby. But, we need to watch out, as we all know, linen can wrinkle and stain very easily. Look no further than to choose performance linen and that should be your go to choice! This is great for people who have kids or pets, performance linen is a very durable option.


If you are looking for a type of fabric that will stand up to everyday wear and tear, you should definitely consider weave performance velvet. This specific type of fabric is very cleanable (for those who like everything to be clean) and this is a very high performance polyester that is fade resistant. 


Another type of fabric is actually very related to velvet but not exactly the same. Chenille fabric is extremely soft and cushy to the touch. This type is chunkier than velvet and is super durable. This is also a type of fabric that is very easy to clean!


If you are the type of person that loves soft feels to a sofa, then suede is an amazing choice! The microfiber is an excellent alternative fabric. It is both cost effective and highly resistant to stains. But keep in mind that it is not for people who have pets, this type of fabric is a magnet for hair. 


Last but not least, is the classic leather sofa. Leather is not only a sophisticated type of fabric, but it is also durable and resistant to stains. If you are looking to style, then this type of fabric is definitely one that could go with any indoor decor. Just like a leather jacket, leather grows softer with each use and as an added bonus, leather is resistant to those who suffer from allergies. This is ideal for anyone in your family that suffers from allergies.


As you can see, there are many types of different fabrics to choose one. Each one is special within itself and has special characteristics that show within every type of fabric. Whichever fabric you choose, you will be able to see that fabric is definitely one of the most important choices you could make when choosing your next sofa.
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