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The Best Time to Buy

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Purchasing furniture is an exciting experience! You get to decorate your home in your style! While exciting, the process can also be intimidating between choosing pieces that speak to you, the cost, whether to buy online or in store, there is a lot to consider. Finding the best time to buy furniture can require some strategy. While we can always guarantee the best prices here at Furniture City, we often have sales and offers that can lower our already amazing prices to compete with other stores in our area. Here are some tips for the best times to buy:


Beat the New Styles

New furniture styles often come out seasonally, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for deals and lower prices at the start and end of the seasons, especially in the Spring and Fall. Prices will drop as new items hit the floor!


Furniture Sales

Our biggest sales will often occur during major holidays. From Memorial Day to Labor Day to Thanksgiving, we’ll have sales that will drop our already low prices even lower to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. While it’s great to wait for these sales, you’ll want to jump on the prices and pieces early; stock can be limited during sale time!


Shop After Season

When shopping for furniture, as we’ve stated above, there are times when furniture is below price and times when it’s on sale. There are also seasons when it’s going to be sold for less! When are these seasons? It’s After Season! For example, when is the best time to purchase outdoor furniture? When the demand for outdoor furniture isn’t as high: in the Fall and Winter months! The piece you’re looking for will often drop even lower the longer you wait to purchase it.


The only downside to waiting: the piece you want could be sold out or discontinued! While the benefit to waiting may be great, you are taking a risk! But that’s the fun of furniture shopping: it’s always changing and moving!

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