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Nine Tips To Design Your Bedroom In A Modern Way

Nine Tips To Design Your Bedroom In A Modern Way

Choosing to restyle your bedroom in a modern way may feel like a challenging task and you may feel you aren’t able to do it yourself. However, revamping your bedroom can be a lot easier if you do it in a smarter way. If you follow some tips and tricks, you can ditch the interior designer and design your room in the most stylish and modern way all by yourself. Many bedroom furniture stores are present that have a large variety of unique and stylish furniture and decor stuff that you can buy to add a fresh and trendy look. 

Use bright and neutral colors

Pastels are the new neutrals when it comes to the modern design of bedrooms. Dark or too many vibrant colors are not trending these days so when revamping your room it is better to keep the walls white or off-white. This way you will get the chance to play with light pinks, baby blues, ash grays, and mint greens for curtains and bedding. White walls will compliment the pastel shades adding a fresher look to your bedroom. 

Maximize the way for natural light

If you have fussy and heavy curtains draped on your bedroom window, now is the time to replace them. Ditch the old-styled dark curtains and switch to light-colored curtains that allow the maximum amount of light to pass through them. Natural light adds the look of spaciousness and gives your room a bigger and wider look. You can also go with Venetian blind to add a modernized and stylish look. The wooden Venetian blinds will also give you the liberty to control the amount of light you want in your room.

Add a classic wooden furniture piece

Nothing can create a more aesthetic look other than a classic wooden furniture piece. The wooden texture adds the warmth and coziness that no other furniture piece can offer. Consider adding a classic Chester drawer made out of wood or, switch your old bed with a wooden one. An addition of wood can instantly lift your bedroom look and add style. 

Remove the clutter

Reducing the amount of clutter is one of the most important steps to revamping your bedroom. A minimalistic approach is trending these days, so it is better to remove all the little details and decorative stuff you had in your room previously. By removing all of these, you will get a neat and decluttered area, giving you room for your new experiments. It is the right time to embrace minimalism and enjoy a stylish and modern bedroom. 

Add a statement piece

When you are done with removing the clutter, add a statement piece instead of lots of small stuff. Now it is up to you what you want to add as a statement piece. It can be a beautiful pair of lamps placed on the side tables or hanging from the roof. One more idea is to add a nice big vase on any corner which is visible when anyone enters the room. It will give an aesthetic look to your room and your design will speak for your personality.

Make an accent wall

Accent walls are very much trending these days as they add a modernized look to the area. While the other three walls are plain white, you can design one wall as an accent wall. There is a lot of stylish wall art available in the market, from which you can buy according to your color theme and personal liking. There are two options available. You can add one huge painting that is complimenting your bedroom look or you can consider adding many small frames and wall art, placed aesthetically not to look cluttered while being stylish. 

Be generous with lots of lights

Lights are never too much, instead, they add an illusion of spaciousness to your bedroom. When redesigning your bedroom, be generous with lights. Place enough lights on the ceiling to enhance the look of every detailing you have done. You can add led light strips on the inside of your bed to add a stylish look and enhance your bed. Also, you can hang fairy lights on your accent wall, complimenting your wall art. Lights will enhance the overall look of your bedroom and make the look new and modernized. 

Use cozy throws and rugs

Don’t think you have to negate comfort and coziness when adding a modern look. While being modern and stylish, you can be comfortable as well. Consider adding luxurious rugs and soft throws to add a sense of comfort. You can place a soft and cozy couch with a soft-knitted throw in one corner of your room. It can become your favorite corner for enjoying coffee while reading a book. Comfort is one of the top most priority when redesigning the room as no matter how beautiful it looks, if it does not provide you comfort, it is useless. 

Add some plants

Greens in the form of plants are the best source to add a sense of liveliness and freshness to your bedroom. There are many indoor plants that can be your best accessory when decorating your bedroom. A nice big pot of any plant of your choice can be placed anywhere near the window to add to the beauty of your room. 

To wrap up

Revamping the bedroom for a new and modern look is not a bad idea and you can do it yourself very easily by following these tips. Plan a weekend for your bedroom redesigning and make a list of all the stuff you have to do. It will help you do your work in an organized manner and you will finish setting up your bedroom by the weekend. First, buy all the necessary stuff that you will be needing. For furniture and all the other accessories, you can visit Furniture City. We are the best furniture store in California showcasing the finest collection of all furniture accessories. We strive to provide you with the best quality furniture at the most affordable rates. Visit our website and order what you like for your bedroom. 

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